How Hiring Solutions Transformed Its Online Presence with a Website Redesign?

Client's Introduction:

Hiring Solutions is one of the premier recruitment agencies in Australia, with a team of experienced consultants who provide end-to-end hiring solutions to businesses across different industries. They specialize in permanent, temporary, and contract staffing services, as well as executive search and recruitment process outsourcing. They approached Zytal for a website redesign. In this case study, we'll see how Zytal helped Hiring Solutions transform its website and achieve its business goals.


  • Improved User Experience: The primary objective of Hiring Solutions was to enhance the user experience of their website. They wanted a modern and intuitive design that would be easy to navigate and make it simple for job seekers and employers to find the information they needed.
  • Integration of Job Adder: Hiring Solutions wanted to integrate Job Adder, a popular recruitment software, with their website. This would streamline their recruitment process and allow them to manage job listings, applications, and candidate profiles from a single platform.
  • Boost Online Presence: The existing website had poor functionality and an unappealing design, which made it difficult for Hiring Solutions to attract and retain visitors. The objective was to create a website that would stand out from the competition, provide an excellent user experience, and help Hiring Solutions establish a strong online presence.


  • Poor Website Functionality: Hiring Solutions' existing website was not user-friendly, lacked functionality, and was not optimized for search engines. This resulted in a low user engagement rate and a limited online presence.
  • Outdated Website Design: The design of their website was outdated and did not align with their brand values, which was a cause of concern for the Hiring Solutions team.
  • Need for Job Adder Integration: Hiring Solutions wanted to integrate Job Adder, a popular recruitment software, into their website to streamline their recruitment process and improve the user experience.
  • Automating Google Reviews: They also wanted to automate Google reviews on their website to showcase their positive feedback to potential clients.


Hiring Solutions had the following objectives in mind while approaching Zytal:

  • Website Redesign: Our team conducted a thorough analysis of Hiring Solutions' existing website and identified areas that needed improvement. We redesigned the website to enhance its aesthetics and functionality, with a focus on improving the user experience.
  • Integration of Job Adder: To help Hiring Solutions streamline its hiring process, we integrated the Job Adder platform into its website. This integration allowed job seekers to apply for jobs directly from the website, while Hiring Solutions' recruiters could easily manage job postings and applications.
  • Google Reviews Integration: To showcase Hiring Solutions' positive customer feedback, we integrated their Google Reviews onto the website. This integration allowed for automatic updates of their reviews, providing visitors with valuable social proof of their quality service.


Zytal's team efforts significantly improved VHV's online presence, website performance, SEO ranking, and Lead generation. The key outcomes achieved include:

  • Improved Website Functionality: Our website redesign resulted in an improved user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate the website and find relevant information. Additionally, the new design reflected Hiring Solutions' brand and values, making it more appealing to potential customers.
  • Streamlined Hiring Process: The integration of Job Adder into the website allowed Hiring Solutions to streamline its recruitment process, reducing the time and effort required to manage job postings and applications.
  • Increased Customer Engagement: The integration of Google Reviews onto the website provided visitors with valuable social proof of Hiring Solutions' quality service, building trust and encouraging potential customers to engage with the company.

Hiring Solutions expressed satisfaction with our services and noticed improvements in website functionality and visual appeal. Plus, they continue to work with Zytal for their digital marketing needs and have recommended our services to other businesses in their industry.

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